Is now a good time to sell your Dental Practice?

The UK dental practice sales market is as robust as ever.

Very active buyers are out there looking to pay the best price for the right dental practice. Buyer profiles range from big corporates that already own hundreds of practices, to regional players with solid budgets, and individual buyers including first time buyers, interested in entering the market or own their first dental practice.

A staggering number of about 500 dental practices are estimated to come to market every year.

This is substantial when the total number of general dental practices in England is estimated to be just over 12,000. Another indication of this being a seller’s market is a price increase of 12% in 2018 over 2017. Such an increase in price demonstrates the strong underlying demand for suitable dental practices.

Against this backdrop, if you are planning on selling your dental practice, it seems quite evident that the market is on your side.

You Need to Make the Most of the Opportunity

Your stake in your practice may be much more than can be reduced to a quick summary of market statistics. For many, their practice is the representation of their life’s work. It is the fruitful tree that they nurtured for years with sweat and toil, right from the point when it was just a seed of a concept in their minds, through when it was a young sapling which bore no fruit yet demanded the utmost care.

You only deserve the best price for your practice. It is your total investment and its sale is your opportunity to be rewarded for your hard work.

Having said that, a good understanding of the market forces and how to present your practice for sale is key to getting a good price.

You will have to plan ahead, cut down unnecessary costs, streamline your processes, and perfect your performance. What the buyer needs to see is an agile machine that is well-oiled and at peak ability, so to speak.

But don’t let these challenges dampen your spirits, because not only are we here to help you at each and every step, this is our area of expertise and we are only satisfied when the sellers we represent are completely satisfied, both with how things play out and the final price. We want to further explain how we achieve this at Pluto Partners.

Why choose Pluto Partners to Help You

We have been making deals happen in the dental practice sales market for over a decade now, and our directors have a combined experience of over 50 years. Pluto Partners specialize in the UK market and are thoroughly familiar with all the factors involved. With over 200 deals under our belt, and a network of 4000 registered buyers at our disposal, you can have the confidence that you are in the best hands. Some of our unique services include: