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Introducing the Dental Wealth Builder...

By Bhavna & Rahul Doshi and The Pluto Partners

The latest venture from the Pluto Partners team, in conjunction with Course Leaders & Dentists, Bhavna & Rahul Doshi, looks to help you grow your wealth, both personal & in business!

Designed to help you achieve your optimum and best potential in your business and personal lives. We want to provide a holistic approach to create a work / life balance in which you meet your goals and realise your vision, using our monthly courses and our 4 Pillars of Dental Profit Growth.


We will develop your leadership potential to re-establish momentum in your entrepreneurial focus by increasing productivity and ensuring better time management for a great work/life balance.

Business & Marketing Solutions

Here we will help devise a master plan and vision that provides direction to your business and personal progress. You will discover how to grow your practice by eliminating unproductive aspects of your business and nurturing productive ones. We can teach you how to devise your own marketing plan based on your personal objectives, and create cost-effective marketing campaigns that attract pre-qualified, pre-motivated patients that will pay, stay and refer more patients to you.

You will learn multiple success strategies and ideas to help achieve optimum functioning of your business that are manageable, effective and financially rewarding. You will also learn business metrics to be able to monitor progress.

Increasing Case Acceptance

You will learn communication skills that increase your production, create team cohesiveness and develop as a centre of excellence for your patients. We will teach you a 3-step assessment process of helping your patients discover value in your practice and advice and hence be happy to accept your treatment solutions.

Team Motivation & Inspiration

We want to rekindle enthusiasm and passion in your team and inspire them to be active participators in driving your vision forward and also meeting their own personal development objectives.

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