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Three Tips for Achieving a Better Work/Life Balance

Summer is now truly in full swing and with many heading off with their families on vacation, we thought now would be the perfect time to write a short and fun piece on work/life balance. The sale of dental practices and the dental industry as a whole can be stressful. Pluto gives you our three tips to just being a happier version of yourself.

Learn to Switch off Entirely

At Pluto we understand that the decision to sell your dental practice is possibly one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. It’s a process that deserves constant support. If it’s up to one person to constantly be available though, that can cause friction in their work/life balance through rise in stress. At Pluto the entire brokerage process is ingrained in all the team so that if one member goes on holiday the rest don’t miss a beat. By building confidence in your team, as a dentist, practice manager or any position of leadership, you allow yourself to relax. Being busy is good but there needs to be time allocated in the year for just turning off your phone and truly disconnecting.

Build on your Hobbies

At Pluto a lot of our team members enjoy running and exercise. We even have a table tennis champion amongst us. Hobbies offer an often-needed release of enjoyment. It sounds so obvious, but a lot of us get so caught up in work and kids that we don’t make time for developing our own interests. The years go by and before you know it you reach retirement age and you don’t know what to do with your time because you haven’t cultivated your hobbies properly. Take time to treat yourself, to a new book or a round of golf, work on that balance!

Sleep Well

The importance of sleep has declined in a world that wears hours worked as a badge of pride. Working long hours doesn’t mean you are working productive hours. Sometimes we need to step back and ask ourselves are working smart? Our Senior Team have sold hundreds of dental practices and through that knowledge comes process systems. Like you have these processes that allow things to flow easily at work, you should have a daily process that you stick to. A routine sleeping pattern will raise overall happiness levels and productivity!

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