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"Due Diligence is Often Underestimated"

Published Apr 25 2019

Find out why with a joint article with Reena Popat, one of Pluto’s top legal connections, and learn a new Latin word!

Selling Your Practice to a Dental Group in 2019

Published Apr 04 2019

Dentists considering selling their dental practice now have more options than ever. One possibility that is continuously growing is either selling or partnering with a dental group. In July 2005...

The Private & Cosmetic Dentistry Market

Published March 5 2019

Private and cosmetic dentistry market - The Resilience to Future Economic Shocks: On the 12th of October 1977, the US President Jimmy Carter signed an Act that would change the way dentists here in the UK plan their treatments to this day. But let me rewind a little bit...

Valuations of dental practices; a Combination of Science & Art

Published Nov 14 2018

Most written appraisal reports come with a disclaimer that there is no universal standard methodology for valuing dental practices. There are also an array of false beliefs and strong opinions.

An Overview of European Dentistry

Published Nov 11 2018

Dentistry in the UK and Europe is moving very fast - creating numerous opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.

A Step By Step Guide to Selling Your Dental Practice

Published Nov 5 2018

We created a simple and concise step-by-step guide to selling your dental practice, describing the steps involved during the sale and explaining how we at Pluto Partners can assist you every step of the way...

Who Is Buying Dental Practices?

Published Oct 22 2018

Successful buyers have confidence, determination, a business plan and an enthusiastic vision to add value to the practice they are buying.

EBITDA & Deferred Consideration of the Price

Published Oct 2 2018

EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) is an accounting acronym and a widely used variable that allows accountants and dental practice buyers to understand the true operating profit and the actual cash generated from a business.

3 Legal Points to Consider When Buying a Dental Practice

Published Sept 30 2018

Gemma Mintram is a Managing Associate in the healthcare team at Cripps LLP, provides us with her expert view. The firm, based in Kent and London, deal with c. 45-50 dental deals annually.

Prepare to Sell Your Dental Practice - The Long Game Plan

Published Sept 30 2018

Hassan Mushaid, Managing Director of the Creative Composite, a fast-growing marketing company, explains the importance of marketing in practice, providing a long game strategy on how to help to maximize the exit value.

The Pluto Partners View of the Dental Market

Published Sept 23 2018

The activity across dental practice sale remains strong in the U.K, with a particular increase in activity and prices paid in the Midlands and the North West...

Dental Practice Valuation

Published Sept 23 2018

Our initial valuation report starts with a conversation and a meeting, usually out of surgery hours, with the dental practice principal(s).

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The Pluto Partners blog page offers you free business advice, whether it's selling or buying dental practices that takes your interest...

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